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Economic Success Story

Cambridge is at the heart of the fastest growing economic region in the UK, and its success is built on the new economy - on knowledge-based businesses.

High Technology

The cluster of high technology businesses in and around Cambridge has particular strengths in ICT and bio-medicine, and 10% of the UK’s science parks are located within 10 miles of Cambridge.

The Next Generation

The University of Cambridge – which celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2009 - is now playing a leading role in breaking down the barriers between science and business, and training the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Attracting International Investment

The University's growing strength in knowledge transfer has helped to re-stimulate the “Cambridge Phenomenon”, encouraging international businesses to invest in research in Cambridge.


    Cambridge Training Consortium is an organisation dedicated to providing intensive short courses for government officials, especially from China and Asia.

    All courses are individually tailored to the group's needs and are delivered by qualified professionals and by a variety of academics from Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin University, depending on availability.


    Cambridge Training Consortium can organise courses on a wide variety of subjects from Business Management to Medical Care and most things in between.

    The Chief Operating Officer, Patrick Horsley has given seminars, lectures and short training courses to people from across the globe.

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